Post Election ’23

After a fractious City Council election campaign, it’s time to contemplate the result.

Firstly, thank you to each and every one of the 707 residents who voted for me (I also voted for myself).

I will – with Ashley John and Malcolm Sismey – continue to fully represent you, and the other residents of Chetwood and Collingwood Ward at Chelmsford City Council.

Congratulations to Murrough O’Brien on his election as a Conservative councillor representing the residents of Elmwood and Woodville Ward, and also to Donna Eley and Terry Sherlock who will be representing those residents as Liberal Democrats.

To Keith Bentley, Tricia Hughes and Ian Roberts, who have represented residents over the past four years – twenty years in the case of Tricia Hughes – thank you for your service.

It is, of course, frustrating to us that Chelmsford has returned a Liberal Democrat City Council, we elected Conservative City Councillors will continue to hold them to account when their policies are found wanting.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Bob Massey
Representing the residents of Chetwood & Collingwood Ward at Chelmsford City Council.

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