The political parties in SWF

As we approach next month’s City Council’s election, it’s interesting to see the differences between the political parties.

Our local Taxpayers Alliance, who have supported the Lib-Dems throughout the last four years, seem to be claiming credit for anything that has been done locally.

Of course our Town’s last Liberal Councillor was Ian Roberts, no surprises there.

Their policy for the next four years seems to be that they will be pressurising the City Council to ensure that dog poo bins are emptied promptly.

Taxpayers Dog Poo Policy
That’s all well and good, but seriously?

The Lib Dems seem to be confusing and conflating National and County Council issues, pointing at potholes or bemoaning the state of the NHS. None of which the City Council has any influence over, but I guess it distracts from the Lib-Dems profligate spending in Chelmsford in the last four years.

Four million pounds on planting trees that, for the most part, died?

Nearly four million upgrading the lobby, bar and café at the Civic Theatre?

During a financial crisis? Seriously?

Oh, and let’s introduce parking fees at Hylands House, at a time when the Government was encouraging people to get out and exercise more.

And then raise crematorium fees by twice the rate of inflation, during the height of the pandemic.

Will they charge us for collecting brown bins next?

Chelmsford deserves better, can we afford another four years of their spending?

The Conservatives, in opposition, have cautioned the Lib-Dems throughout their spending sprees, but they’ve ignored us and continued to spend the reserves built up during sixteen years of Conservative administration.

If elected, a new Conservative administration would scrap the Hylands parking fees for Chelmsford’s and South Woodham’s residents.

And we will not charge for brown bin collections.

We will not waste your money.

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