Potholes (yet again)

I make no apologies for writing about potholes again, they affect any of us who drive and were a topic of contention at the City Council elections last May. Some serving Lib-Dem councillors failed to report potholes for repair and then pointed a finger of blame at the Conservative-controlled County Council.

As I wrote last week, I highlighted the potholes on the B1418 on the ‘S’ bend heading up to Woodham Ferrers to Essex Highways and was pleased to see multiple markings on the road indicating that works were planned.


Image from Google Street View

I was delighted to see, as I drove to Chelmsford this morning (August 2nd), that the road has been extensively repaired; the potholes at each end of the ‘S’ bend, the numerous smaller holes through the bend, the massive pothole at the junction of Workhouse Lane and even the pothole on the left heading up towards St Mary’s church.

This isn’t – as some have suggested – an attempt to ‘curry favour’ with the electorate; this is a mechanism where residents – through their elected representatives – can identify the potholes that cause them the most grief, and prioritise their repair.

And I’m pleased to be able to report that it seems to work.

There will be another opportunity to prioritise potholes in October; maybe the local Taxpayers Association councillors will deign to take part in the process.